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Friendship – The Best Flowers for a Birthday Surprise

Flowers form good gifts to be given to those you love in life. They can be given to persons at graduation ceremonies, weddings or any other glamorous events. Flowers are particularly favorite gifts for people having their birthday parties. They portray friendship in a very nice way. Deciding which flowers to give your friends during their birthdays is however not as simple.

You can employ an easy matrix to decide which flowers to give a specific friend of yours at their birthday. This is ensuring that you match the flower with the personality of your friend. If your friend is one classy one, roses would be the best option. They come in many colors and they definitely bring about class. Roses are also good for delivery in long distances.

If your friend is the one who keeps up with new trends in life, give them the flowers that are in season for their birthday. Your local florist can advise you on what flowers are in season or you can find this information from the internet. The trendy friend will be happy to have trendy flowers as their gift.

Your sassy friend would surely appreciate chrysanthemum flowers for their birthday. Friends who are sassy have the characteristic of speaking their mind in life. The sassiness will be well matched by the bright-colored chrysanthemum flowers. On the other hand, give a sunflower to your friend who is an optimist. Hope and optimism is reflected in the radiance of sunflowers. You can also form a bouquet by mixing sunflowers with any other types of flowers.

Consider offering very unique flowers to your friend who is also unique during their birthday. They will definitely be happy to have very unique flowers. You can find exotic flowers that are very unique. In the situation where exotic flowers are difficult to find, just pick other flowers that appear unique. Flowers that portray elegance on the other hand would be ideal for that friend who comes from a royal family. Orchids would serve this purpose perfectly due to the air of elegance they portray.

Very active friends would best be given flowers that would portray that activity. Give such friends daisies for their birthdays for they would capture such personalities perfectly. These flowers are mood-boosters hence would match their busy personalities. The final type of friend who needs flowers matching their personality during their birthday is the adventurous friend. You can use aromatic flowers that portray unique scenes for such friends. For such friends, a bouquet of flowers with lavender would be ideal for they also bring about the feeling of adventure by portraying new scenes.